10 Healthy Habits for Busy People

10 Healthy Habits for Busy People

Sometimes, the healthiest choice isn’t always the easiest or most convenient one. And that can be tough when your days are jam-packed with an endless string of errands, meetings, classes and other activities. 

Rather than giving in to the convenience of the drive-thru, or skipping that class at the gym to work just a little bit longer, it’s time to make a commitment to healthy living! These 10 habits are a great place to start.

  1. Prep your meals

Meal prepping isn’t exactly a new concept, but if you haven’t yet tried, it’s a great way to save time and ensure you’re eating healthy. A few tips: stick to simple ingredients, like chicken, fish, fresh fruit, vegetables and healthy grains. Mix and match ingredients to switch up your meals and prevent boredom.

  1. Put breakfast first

Kick off your day by eating a healthy, balanced breakfast that provides plenty of protein and fiber, plus complex carbs (like those found in veggies and whole-grain oats) provide a boost of energy through to lunchtime. Particularly crazy day? Take your healthy breakfast on the go! 

  1. Take your vitamins

Of course you should eat your vitamins (in the form of foods, like fruits, vegetables, grains and meat and seafood), but if and when you’re not getting enough from your diet, multivitamins and other dietary supplements can help fill in the gaps. 

  1. Pack your snacks

Remove the temptation of the drive-thru and vending machine by ensuring your desk, purse or gym bag are stocked with healthy, satisfying snacks, like nuts and seeds.

  1. Pause to eat

Take a few minutes to truly savor each meal and snack. By eating mindfully, you can take your mind off the stress of your to-do list, and you’ll also be able to better satisfy your hunger and cravings. No more, “what did I just eat?” or “Why did I just eat that?”

  1. Walk it off

When you can’t get to the gym, consider just walking more throughout the day. Park further away from the grocery store, take the dog out a third time each day, or take that business call while also taking a walk!

  1. Prioritize protein and fiber

Make sure each meal or snack has plenty of filling fiber and protein, to keep you fueled longer and prevent you from mindlessly reaching for unhealthy snacks. Protein snack examples include low-fat Greek yogurt, beef jerky and sliced turkey.

  1. Stay hydrated

Drinking plenty of water is important for the smooth functioning of many different body processes -- but when you’re rushing around with not much time to spare, it can be tough to remember to stop and take a sip! Bring a refillable water bottle with you everywhere you go, so you’ll always have H2O on hand.

  1. Unplug

This is a particularly tough habit to adapt, especially if you’re usually glued to your emails or constantly texting with friends or family. Take some time each day, morning, noon and night, to unplug for a bit and be present in the moment -- taking a break from screen time is good for your soul, but also for your eyes, too!

  1. Take a shot

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