10 Ways to Eat Healthy on a Budget

10 Ways to Eat Healthy on a Budget

Eating (and drinking) healthy is often perceived as something that’s too expensive or time-consuming to do. And while it’s true that many fast foods and processed, packaged items are relatively cheap in comparison to say, a big bag of organic kale, it doesn’t mean you can’t eat healthy, even on the tightest budget! 

These 10 tips below can help you fill your fridge, pantry and plate with better-for you items -- 

without emptying out your wallet in the process! 

  1. Swap fresh for frozen. When certain fruits and vegetables are out of season (or about to go out of season), they’re often way more expensive. Don’t be afraid to rely on frozen fruits and vegetables -- they’re cheaper and offer the same nutritional benefits! Just be sure to eat them within 3 months (their nutritional value does degrade over time as they chill in the freezer), and be leery of any frozen products with added sodium or oils.
  2. Two words: meal prep. This one is going to take a little bit of planning, but your bank account will thank you. Planning and prepping your meals in advance will keep you from straying from your grocery list and help you resist the temptation to step out for a fast food lunch. You don’t need to buy fancy containers to store your meals, either -- your well-worn Tupperware will do just fine. 
  3. Skip the smoothie bar. Need a little nutritional boost? Stop spending all your time and money at the smoothie bar! While those smoothies may taste delicious and those wellness shots may be packed with nutrients, they also typically cost a pretty penny. Your Best Shot for Wellness & Energy delivers 7 different beneficial nutrients (the best Mother Earth has to offer, actually!) in a convenient, great-tasting shot and costs as little as $3.30 per serving.
  4. Buy generic. What do your favorite brands have in common with private-label store brands? A lot, actually. Buying the generic version of certain items may save you tons, and you’ll be getting the same great products you already use and love. 
  5. Stock up during sales. Is there a BOGO sale on beans? Or big discounts on blueberries? If you can swing it, stock up on a little extra while it’s on sale (you can always freeze fresh fruits and vegetables for later use). 
  6. Don’t get hung up on organics. The same goes for any label -- it’s better (and healthier) to buy conventional fruits, vegetables and other healthy products than none at all. 
  7. Build meals around basic ingredients. Beans, grains, eggs, inexpensive cuts of meat (bone-in pork chops, for example)-- these are all basic ingredients you can use to build your meals. Just add fresh (or frozen) vegetables, spices and seasonings to fill out the rest. 
  8. Do it yourself. Nothing will eat through your grocery budget faster than “convenience” items, like pre-chopped fruit or vegetables, frozen meals and bottled condiments. Don’t pay more - do it yourself! Carve out a little extra time to chop your own foods, make your own salad dressings and, like we mentioned above, prep your meals. 
  9. Buy in bulk. Certain foods like dry beans, grains and meats can be more cost effective if purchased in bulk. While you may not be able to buy the biggest bag, the more you buy, the less you typically pay per serving. 
  10. Subscribe & save. Want to save time AND money? Utilize the convenience of the Subscribe & Save program from Your Best Shot. You get the savings benefit of buying in bulk (see #9 above!), while enjoying the convenience of monthly shipments of Your Best Shot for Wellness & Energy. Best of all, there’s ZERO commitment -- you can change your payment, address or cancel your order at any time.

Thought you couldn’t afford to eat, drink or live healthy? Hopefully these 10 tips have convinced you it can be done, with just a little bit of planning, prepping and smart shopping!

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