5 Ways to Support Immune Health

5 Ways to Support Immune Health

Your immune system is a combination of organs, tissues, proteins and specific cells that identifies and targets and seeks to defeat potentially harmful germs, viruses and pathogens.

Sometimes you can’t escape those germs -- but whether you’re stuck on a plane next to a sneezing toddler, or caught in the elevator with a coughing co-worker, there are plenty of things you can do to prepare your body to fight off foreign invaders. 

1. Colorful cuisine

“Taste the Rainbow” may be a slogan for a colorful sugar-filled candy, but it should also be your mantra when preparing meals. The key is to ensure that rainbow comes from nature! Colorful fruits, vegetables and herbs are packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, many of which support immune health. Here are some helpful foods and the nutrients within them that offer immune benefits:*

  • Red bell peppers: vitamin C
  • Broccoli: vitamins A & C
  • Turmeric: curcumin
  • Berries: antioxidants
  • Mushrooms: selenium
  • Watermelon: antioxidants
  • Sweet potato: vitamin A
  • Garlic: Allicin 
  • Almonds: vitamin E
  • Chickpeas: zinc 
2. Exercise 

    We already told you that exercise is a mood booster, but did you also know that a healthy immune system is also a side effect of a really great sweat session? Moderate exercise is associated with general health and wellness, and may also help immune health specifically by improving circulation throughout the body (certain immune cells are located within the blood). Get movin’! 

    3. Sleep

      Here’s a good reason to hit the sheets at a reasonable time: adequate sleep is associated with the body’s ability to stave off sickness and/or improve recovery time when you do get sick. A study conducted by researchers in Germany found a link between adequate sleep and proper functioning of T cells (a certain type of white blood cell).

      4. Hygiene habits 

        We mentioned that some germs can’t be avoided -- but many can! Practice good hygiene habits, like washing your hands with soap for at least 20 seconds before eating, preparing food, touching your face or after using the restroom, touching shared surfaces or shaking hands with someone. Avoid coming into close contact with sick people -- and if you’re the sick one, avoid spreading germs by using tissues and coughing or sneezing into the inside of your elbow.

        It’s also important to follow food safety habits, like cleaning surfaces or washing cutting boards between prep steps to prevent the introduction of bacteria or pathogens.

        5. Your Best Shot for immune health 

          Your Best Shot for Wellness & Energy is a shot-sized liquid supplement for optimal wellness and energy. It combines the health-supporting powers of multiple natural ingredients, including elderberry extract, which may help support normal immune function.*

          Your Best Shot for Wellness & Energy also includes 6 other high-quality liquid and powdered extracts of Rhodiola rosea, maca root, moringa, L-carnitine, elderberry, guarana and caffeine. 

          The convenient bottle can tuck easily into your purse or gym bag, so it’s perfect for travel, busy days and anyone who needs wellness support on the go -- say, on a plane with a sneezing toddler, or in an elevator with that coughing co-worker (go home and rest, Bob!).

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