How to Avoid Holiday Temptations

How to Avoid Holiday Temptations

It hasn’t been easy, but you’ve been working hard to eat healthier and make smarter food choices. Temptations exist, of course, but they seem to be lurking around every single corner during the holiday season. 

Whether it’s your co-worker Connie’s famous cookies or your friend Eric’s homemade eggnog, how can you avoid and resist those holiday temptations? Read on to learn some tips, tricks and strategies for staying on track this year.

Pre-game with healthy snacks

Before heading out to that holiday party or hitting up that special event, plan to have a light healthy meal or snack that fits in with your lifestyle. Pick something filling and satisfying, like oatmeal, hummus and veggies, an apple with nut butter or plain Greek yogurt with a drizzle of honey. 

Never say never

If you tell yourself you can never have a slice of your Mom’s famous apple pie again, you may be setting yourself up for failure. Allowing yourself to savor a slice once a year isn’t going to derail your diet completely, but denying yourself this small pleasure may make it harder to stay focused for the long haul.

Bring your own food

If you’re attending a potluck or a party where outside food is welcomed, bring something healthy to share with the crowd! Whether it’s a fruit or veggie platter, or a dessert made with smart swaps (stevia for sugar, bananas for butter, etc.), bringing your own food ensures there’s at least one food item you can feel good about indulging in!

Start fresh each day

If you slip up and stray from your healthy eating plan, don’t bring that guilt with you into the next day -- doing so can lead to self-sabotage. Wake up every morning with a clean slate and an opportunity to start fresh and stay on track for the day. In the grand scheme of things, one day or night of overindulging can easily be overcome! 

One more way to stay healthy

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