Ingredient Spotlight: Elderberry

Ingredient Spotlight: Elderberry

What’s bigger than a blueberry, smaller than a plum, but packs an impressive nutritional punch that’s made it a popular ingredient in health elixirs for generations?  Meet the powerful purple fruit you never knew you needed: the elderberry!

What is elderberry?

Known by its scientific name Sambucus nigra, elderberry (also called “black elderberry”) is a species of shrub found in the wild in Europe and Asia. It produces beautiful white flowers (elderflower), but its small, dark purple berries are the real star of the show.

Elderberry benefits

The berries of the elderberry shrub have been used for generations for various health purposes, due to their antioxidant content (said to be higher than blueberries), as well as their potential antimicrobial properties. 

Today, elderberry is often used in supplements because if offers support for normal immune function. In fact, one study showed that elderberry extract could actually reduce cold duration and symptoms for people traveling overseas via air.* (Though unfortunately it can’t stop that toddler from kicking your seat.)

Where to find elderberry

Elderberry and elderflower are popular ingredients in wine, juice, syrup, tea and more. As we mentioned above, elderberry is also a popular ingredient in supplements, in liquid syrup or immunity shots, capsules or gummy form. 

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