Ingredient Spotlight: Guarana

Ingredient Spotlight: Guarana

It may sound magical, but it’s true: there exists a plant that contains twice the concentration of caffeine found in coffee beans. It may be foreign to those not living in Brazil, but guarana has actually been used (and revered!) for generations. Read on and get to know this ingredient and where you can find it! (Hint: you can find it on this website.)

What is guarana?

Native to the Amazon and commonly found in parts of Brazil, the guarana plant is formally known as Paullinia cupana and is sometimes called Brazilian Cocoa. The name guarana was derived from the Guarani tribe in the Amazon. This climbing shrub has large leaves, clusters of flowers and fruit that contains seeds, which is where the caffeine is found.

Benefits & uses of guarana

Guarana seeds are a source of myth and legend for the indigenous peoples of Brazil, who traditionally used them to provide energy on long hunting trips. Today, guarana seeds are used  to brew a special herbal tea. In metropolitan Brazil and Paraguay, guarana is commonly used to make soft drinks.

Guarana seeds contain twice as much caffeine as coffee beans (“Don’t talk to me until I’ve had my guarana!”), which is why it’s a popular natural ingredient in products like Your Best Shot for Wellness & Energy. Caffeine works by stimulating the central nervous system, providing support for energy, mental focus, alertness, performance and mood.*

Your Best Shot for guarana

Don’t live anywhere near the Amazon? No need to miss out on the benefits of this plant! 

Your Best Shot for Wellness & Energy is a Wellness Shot that was formulated to deliver a powerful combination of helpful ingredients (including guarana, of course!) that have been used for generations to support immune function, stress response, mood, focus, energy and endurance!* 

The guarana included in Your Best Shot for Wellness & Energy is a high-quality powdered herbal extract grown and harvested in South America. Your Best Shot utilizes a powdered extract because this form is more concentrated than the whole plant, offering maximum effectiveness.* 

Your Best Shot for Wellness & Energy also includes 6 other high-quality liquid and powdered extracts of Rhodiola, moringa, maca, L-carnitine, elderberry and caffeine. 

The convenient bottle can tuck easily into your purse or gym bag, so it’s perfect for travel, busy days and anyone who needs wellness or energy support on the go.

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