Ingredient Spotlight: L-Carnitine

Ingredient Spotlight: L-Carnitine

When you need a ride from point A to point B, you can easily hail a driver with a few taps on your phone. But have you ever wondered how your body transports the nutrients it needs to make energy? There’s not an app for that, but there are special pathways and compounds, including L-carnitine! 

What is L-carnitine?

Carnitine is like a ferry or truck driver, helping the body deliver fatty acids to the cell’s mitochondria (within tissues, including and especially heart and skeletal muscle), fueling the body’s production of energy.

A compound derived from an amino acid, carnitine is found in nearly all organisms and tissue of animals (including humans). There are two types of carnitine, L and D; L-carnitine is the type found in the body and in the foods we eat.

Benefits of L-carnitine

As stated above, L-carnitine helps deliver helpful nutrients to the body’s cells, supporting cellular energy production. Certain studies have shown that L-carnitine may also offer benefits for exercise performance and recovery.* 

Where to find L-carnitine

Food sources of naturally occurring L-carnitine include red meat, chicken, dairy and fish. Non-animal sources such as whole wheat bread and asparagus contain significantly smaller amounts. Even if your diet is low in carnitine-rich foods (for instance, if you’re vegetarian), the good news is that your body is able to efficiently conserve carnitine and excrete any excess.

L- carnitine is also available in supplement form, and is a popular product among athletes due to its potential benefits for performance and recovery.*

Your Best Shot for L-carnitine

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