Ingredient Spotlight: Maca Root

Ingredient Spotlight: Maca Root

Imagine you’re an Inca warrior, preparing to bravely march into battle -- you’ll be away from home for days at best (possibly weeks), which not only means time away from your family, but also no hearty, home-cooked meals. How can you stay strong and energized enough to fight? The answer: maca root. 

What is maca?

Native to the Andes Mountains of Peru, maca (Lepidum meyenii) is an edible plant that is sometimes known as Peruvian ginseng, as it has a similar effect on energy levels as Asian ginseng.* Topped with narrow green stems and leaves, maca root grows underground and resembles another common root veggie, the parsnip. The root of the maca plant is the part that is commonly consumed.

Uses for maca 

The plant’s root is often dried before being cooked, roasted or boiled, though it can be cooked fresh as well. The dried root is also made into a fine powder that can be used in cooking and baking. (Maca pancakes, anyone?) 

Aside from being consumed by ancient Peruvian soldiers, maca has been used for generations by non-warriors as a food or supplement to the daily diet. Maca root was even once used as a form of payment! 

Maca benefits

Able to grow in unpleasant conditions such as frost, heavy winds and harsh sun, this hardy root can endure what nature throws at it. It’s truly a plant that ‘pays it forward,’ as consumption of the root may support both energy and endurance in humans. Known as an adaptogenic herb (because it helps the body adapt!), maca may offer support during stressful times and is also known to have positive benefits for mood.* 

Your Best Shot for high-quality maca

Not planning to grow and harvest your own maca root? No need to miss out on the benefits of this herb! 

Your Best Shot for Wellness & Energy is a Wellness Shot that was formulated to deliver a powerful combination of helpful ingredients (including maca, of course!) that have been used for generations to support immune function, stress response, mood, focus, energy and endurance!* 

The maca extract included in Your Best Shot for Wellness & Energy is a high-quality powdered herbal extract grown and harvested in South America. Your Best Shot utilizes a powdered extract because this form is more concentrated than the whole plant, offering maximum effectiveness.* 

Your Best Shot for Wellness & Energy also includes 6 other high-quality liquid and powdered extracts of Rhodiola, moringa, L-carnitine, elderberry, guarana and caffeine. 

The convenient bottle can tuck easily into your purse or gym bag, so it’s perfect for travel, busy days and anyone who needs wellness support on the go.

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