Ingredient Spotlight: Moringa Oleifera

Ingredient Spotlight: Moringa Oleifera

What is moringa?

The name “moringa” is derived from the Talin (a Sri Lankan dialect) term for “twisted pod” and it is commonly known as the “drumstick tree,” due to the long, slender look of its seed pods. 

Moringa oleifera is a specific species native to parts of South Asia; the leaves and seeds of this hardy plant have been used there for many years in traditional Ayurvedic medicine for digestion and immune health, and as a means of water purification, which is how it earned its second nickname as the “miracle tree.” 

Moringa nutrition

Moringa is touted as a superfood, a modern-day term bestowed upon certain foods for their exceptional nutritional content and potential benefits. (For reference, other superfoods include colorful fruits and veggies, like blueberries and kale.)

Moringa is a nutrient-dense source of vitamin A, calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron and amino acids. In fact, it contains 18 different amino acids (including essential amino acids), which may be especially beneficial for vegans, vegetarians and anyone else who doesn’t obtain amino acids from animal sources.*

Uses of moringa

Moringa is commonly available in powder or capsule form. The strikingly vivid green-colored powder is a preferred additive for smoothie enthusiasts, and can also be used to make tea, as well as DIY energy and nutrition bars. The leaves can also be consumed raw; their bitter flavor is likened to horseradish or arugula. 

Beyond its everyday dietary uses, the vitamin-C-rich oil from moringa seeds may offer benefits for skin and hair. Moringa leaf extract is also sometimes used in the food industry as a preservative, due to its high antioxidant content.*

Your Best Shot for Moringa oleifera 

Not planning to grow and harvest your own Moringa oleifera? No need to miss out on the benefits of this plant! 

Your Best Shot for Wellness & Energy is a Wellness Shot that was formulated to deliver a powerful combination of helpful ingredients (including moringa, of course!) that have been used for generations to support immune function, stress response, mood, focus, energy and endurance!* 

The Moringa oleifera included in Your Best Shot for Wellness & Energy is a high-quality powdered herbal extract grown and harvested in South Asia. Your Best Shot utilizes a powdered extract because this form is more concentrated than the whole plant, offering maximum effectiveness.* 

Your Best Shot for Wellness & Energy also includes 6 other high-quality liquid and powdered extracts of Rhodiola, maca, L-carnitine, elderberry, guarana and caffeine. 

The convenient bottle can tuck easily into your purse or gym bag, so it’s perfect for travel, busy days and anyone who needs wellness support on the go.

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