Why Can’t I Find Motivation to Work Out?

Why Can’t I Find Motivation to Work Out?

Some people seem to bound out of bed every morning, eager to tackle that 6 a.m. spin class or pound the pavement for a five-mile run. Others can find the energy and ambition to hit the gym on the way home after a long day of work. And then there are those of us who, some days, despite our best efforts, just can’t seem to find the motivation to work out morning or night. What gives?

Legitimate excuses for not working out

There are certain circumstances that call for skipping a workout: you’re sick, injured, your daughter has a school recital -- you get the idea. The problem arises when you find yourself searching for excuses to skip (you have a hangnail, or you don’t want to miss an episode of your favorite show [even though it’s on a streaming network]), rather than reaching for the motivation to make it happen. 

Want to know the real reasons you can’t get motivated, and how to beat the excuses? Keep reading.

Reason #1: You’re bored

Running in place on a treadmill while staring at a bank of TVs (or worse, a wall) isn’t exactly an exciting prospect. No wonder you’re not feeling jazzed about finally visiting the gym you joined last year! Even running or cycling on the same beautiful trail can get stale.

How to fix it: Break out of the workout boredom by changing things up. Go to a new class, run a different route or even buy yourself some new workout gear -- anything to make it more fun and interesting!

Reason #2: You’re impatient

You’ve lifted weights for two whole days, and you’re thinking, “where are the bulging biceps?” Maybe you’ve been running for a few weeks, but you’re still feeling winded after a mile. Or you’ve managed to hit the gym three times this week, but you haven’t lost an ounce. Sound familiar?

How to fix it: Patience is a virtue, especially when it comes to exercise. Don’t expect to see (or feel) an immediate change; the real results come from consistency and persistence. Remember that big change comes from lots of smaller changes, too. Keep a workout journal, so you can easily track little victories over time, like being able to lift five more pounds, executing that tricky yoga pose (yes, yoga can be a workout!) or losing a pound here or there.

Reason #3: You’re overcommitted 

If you’re constantly too busy (or too worn out) to work out, that won’t change until you re-prioritize the other tasks in your life. Remember, you can do anything, but you can’t do everything. 

How to fix it: Carving out specific time for exercise may mean missing out on other things, so ask yourself what’s most important to you, and prioritize those activities. You can also get creative about where and when you work out, whether it’s a morning run with the dog, a lunch break sweat session (with a post-workout shower, of course), or a family bike ride in the evening.

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