The Story Behind the Shot

A dentist, a businessman and a martial arts expert walk into a bar and order a shot. No, it didn’t exactly happen like that. But when these three put their heads together in search of the world’s most convenient solution to support specific areas of health, something instantly clicked.

The brainchild of Dan Lowman, Daniel Amyradakis and Nic Engstrom, Your Best Shot was created to harness the nutritional powers of the highest-quality herbs and natural compounds Mother Earth has to offer.

Each ingredient was thoughtfully selected and carefully curated based on its potential health benefits.

Manufactured in a cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) compliant facility in the southeastern U.S., Your Best Shot formulas are uniquely made from unique nutrient combinations, including powdered and liquid herbal extracts, rather than the whole herb, to ensure maximum potency and effectiveness.

The herbal extracts are sourced from locations across the globe, from the mountains of South America to the tropics of South Asia, where many of the ingredients have traditionally been used for generations to support various areas of health.

Your Best Shot represents many long hours, days and months of research, development and passion: just like the founders behind the formulation, each shot is a blend of individually beneficial ingredients that are better together!

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