What is Your Best Shot?

Your Best Shot is a line of convenient, shot-sized liquid dietary supplements formulated with targeted herbal extracts, vitamins and other nutrients to support various areas of health, including energy, immune function, joint mobility, skin health and male virility.*

Who should take Your Best Shot?

Your Best Shot formulas were designed for health-conscious, busy individuals looking for a convenient way to support health and wellness. Your Best Shot formulas are for adults only; they should not be consumed by children, pregnant women or those sensitive to certain ingredients.

What are the benefits of Your Best Shot?

Your Best Shot contains time-tested botanical ingredients, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Each formula is made with a blend of targeted ingredients to support specific areas of health, including energy, wellness, immune function, mood, focus, performance, joint comfort and mobility and male virility.*

When should I take Your Best Shot?

Your Best Shot can be taken any time of day.

 Where are Your Best Shot ingredients sourced?

Your Best Shot features herbal extracts derived from plants grown in South America, South Asia and East Asia. Ingredients are carefully selected from each source based on their quality, purity, safety and effectiveness.

Why are extracts used in Your Best Shot?

Your Best Shot utilizes liquid and powdered herbal extracts because these forms are more concentrated than the whole plant.

Where are Your Best Shot formulas manufactured?

Your Best Shot is manufactured in Florida, USA.

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